Get high-quality leads the organic way with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

You have an incredible product or service. You’re ready to share it with your customers, but there is one big problem — customers can’t find you online. Because of that, you’re not getting the business you deserve.

Don’t worry. We have the solution. At MyWebAdvantage, we make sure your company gets seen! Once customers find you online, they will be able to see what you have to offer, and your business will flourish.

Our proven website process creates results for small business owners

How your business can benefit from SEO

1. On page optimisation

You need to be sure your website is optimised, so it pops up when consumers are searching Google for what you’re selling. This involves a robust organic presence.

2. Relevant, consistent content

Google will rate your website higher if you have continual movement and action on the site. That means keeping up with marketing and nurturing the traffic you do get.

background planning is always the key to success

Get your free SEO website audit

Want to know if your website SEO could be improved? Get in touch to get our FREE SEO audit – be better informed to make a decision about your next steps.

What makes our SEO service different?

Analysing your audience

We take a look into the nitty-gritty of your audience to see key factors about them. Where do they hang out, what are their shared interest? What demographic are they?

Understanding your competition

We go beyond your website to identify how your business is positioned within the landscape. We compare your website focus with the focus of your competitors.

Understanding the landscape

We look at your competitor’s organic search engine marketing strategy and what we can learn from that. We use all avenues to get you the best results.

Get a game plan

Receive a customised audit that is exclusive to your business’ niche. We know that every battlefield is different, your plan will allow you to compete with the best of them.

Affordable pricing to work with your marketing budget and business goals.

Essential audit

Audit your landing page – perfect if you are looking to understand where to start.

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  • Understand where you are Our landing page audit will help you to understand where you are currently on your digital journey.
  • Benchmark your website Get a clear idea of where your website currently site in the landscape of websites.
  • What you need to know Over 20 items analysed for you
  • Should SEO be your next move? We make a recommendation whether your website is ready for SEO investment or if there is something else you should focus on first. Get next steps to get you started.

Essential SEO setup

When you already have a website – but need to fix the basics.

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  • Google Analytics (GA) set up Google Analytics is a free tool - it keeps track and records every session on your website - every time someone looks at your website. The data you get from it is super powerful. You can't afford not to have this!
  • Basic GA dashboard set up Google Analytics is full of interesting information - you just need to be able to view it the right way. We will set up an easy and useful dashboard for you.
  • Up to 3 GA events created Events in Google Analytics are "things" that happen on your website, that you want to know about. That could be a click, a form submission or even a visit to a particular page.
  • Google Search Console set up Search Console is the way you let Google know your website exists. If you haven't told Google you are here, it won't return your website in a search by people looking for you!

Advantage SEO starter

Perfect if you are ready to get started – know your baseline and get a 3 month plan.

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  • Indepth website SEO audit We will look at your current website and evaluate it to industry standards and best practices.
  • Keyword research For up to 3 main pages - you provide your closest 2 competitors.
  • Competitor analysis See how your website compares with your top competitors.
  • 3 month game plan Details next steps of your SEO journey with a 3 month game plan of the agreed focal point.
Get in touch with a Central Coast Web Design agency that gets things done - MyWebAdvantage gets you the Advantage online.

Want to find out more?

If you need more help finding the best SEO options for your business, reach out to our team to discuss your online goals.

Get your website optimised for Google searches.

We make sure it’s “client-ready” and SEO-friendly. You can take the first step to see how your current website is performing now by having us do a mini audit. This will provide you with a snapshot of information.

The world of SEO can be daunting. We offer affordable SEO for small businesses, tailored to suit your need and budget.

We are a Central Coast marketing agency, focused on digital solutions across Australia, with a focus on affordable SEO services for small business.

Website planning is critical to its success, business owners Laetitia and Matt plan each website project meticulously

The SEO Advantage

Google-friendly SEO strategy

We provide a plan that is 100% in line with Google’s requirements, so you get an SEO-friendly strategy.

Guaranteed improvement

Your business should make you money. That is our goal for you. Watch the traffic start rolling in!

Affordable, yet brings results

We believe marketing shouldn’t be expensive. You’re in business to make money, and we ensure this expense is affordable.

Expert team behind the wheel

With SEO, Marketing and Website experts, your website is in good hands. We provide you with the tools you need to succeed online.