Website: BIZC IT
Industry: Technology Services
Project Scope: Website Design & Build, Copywriting, eCommerce

BIZC IT approached MWA to get this project completed after a few false starts.

By understanding the company and staff at BIZC IT, we were able to define the branding feel for BIZC IT and design a website to represent the company, and set up an online shop to easy the administrative burden of client queries.

MWA advantage – copywriting.

As an IT service provider, BIZC IT found it difficult to explain its service offering to potential clients.

The copy on the website was simplified and the core offering highlighted, to make it easier for website visitors to understand the key offering and pain points addressed by BIZC IT care packages.

MWA advantage – eCommerce

By including an online shop, BIZC IT is now able to provide customers with a set of pre elected hardware, giving clients the opportunity to learn about BIZC IT’s recommended product solutions.

As well as physical products, the website is able to support subscription products, making easy for clients to start and maintain a care package, as well as freeing up administrative tasks such as monthly billing and chasing payments

MWA advantage – development

By only including features required by the BIZC IT website, the website ranks highly on GTMetrix, with a flawless structure, 99% performance and an overall rating of A, keeping not only Google, but also BIZC IT current and potential clients, happy.