Web Care Essentials

Our Essential website care plan gives you peace of mind - knowing your website is periodically updated and checked.
  • Periodic back end updates are undertaken monthly - includes main contact form check, and a monthly update report emailed to your main email address
    • Where issues arise through the update of plugins and/or core WordPress updates, we will attempt to rectify within a 15 minute window
    • For issues that cannot be addressed within 15 minutes, we will isolate the problematic component, and discuss your options to move forward
  • Simple websites - not suitable for eCommerce or other complex functionality
  • WordPress websites only
  • Essential care plan do not include any additional support time, this can be added in incremental hour blocks on a subscription basis
  • Additional support can be purchased at our "Care Client" rates, purchased in hourly blocks, and used in 15 minute blocks
  • Monthly report with a summary of the word undertaken, uptime, security, speed and basic analytics
  • Periodic check-in chat
  • Preferential ad-hoc work rates

$99.00 /mth $264.00 sign-up fee

Focus on what you do best, and leave the mundane job of technical website updates to our team. The Essential Care plan is perfect if you care about your website, but just haven’t got the time or inclination to focus on it every month.