What can we expect from web design in 2021?

2020 has been challenging for businesses. COVID-related uncertainty, economic stagnation, and social restrictions have taken their toll.

As we look to the future, it is clear that web design is going to play a vital role in the economic recovery of businesses.

How will the key principles of web design change to support this?

1. Multiple support channels and close communication

Customers have always valued high-quality support and a commitment to communication and transparency.

However, after the recent uncertainty and anxiety surrounding COVID-19 and the measures that have been put in place to keep the pandemic at bay, support and communication are even more critical in nurturing strong customer relationships.

Great website design now provides a range of different support channels, including chatbot responses, live chat with operators, and web-based static resources, as well as traditional communication options such as email and phone.

2. A rapid pace of development for user experience

User experience is quickly becoming a key battleground for businesses as they seek to increase their market share, and web designs need to reflect this.

Whenever you seek to reconfigure your website design, or whenever you decide to grow your website and add functionality, put your user first. Any changes made to your website design that harm the user experience will be detrimental to your business.

Consider how this user is going to respond to the changes and how your website is going to support the kind of experience that will drive long-term customer value.

3. Remote interactions for customers and partners

Remote work has become commonplace in 2020, as organisations seek out ways to keep their business profitable while adhering to social distancing regulations. As we look to the future, this remote focus will likely stick around.

This is something to consider during your website design phase. Members’ areas, user accounts, and web-based portals should all support remote interactions for customers, employees, partners, and anyone else who needs to work with your business.

Putting these in place will make your business more flexible and resilient in a changing world.

4. Diversified revenue channels to bolster businesses

Many businesses have suffered greatly in 2020. By diversifying their revenue channels, companies can shore up their operations against potential hardship.

This could include thinking about how your website design can directly drive conversions in new and exciting ways by supporting new products and services.

For example, you may decide to sell courses to educate users and support the products and services you offer. Alternatively, you may decide to offer certain products and services on a subscription basis, securing increased revenue in the long term.

What’s next?

Key web design principles are going to guide us as we emerge from this difficult time and push on towards bigger and better things.

Start thinking about how your design can help your business come back stronger.

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