Website Audit

Our website care plan audit is ideal for you if you want us to look after the maintenance of your website, but we did not build it.

Why do you need an audit before we can take care of your website?

Well, just like buying a car, you never know what you get just by looking at from afar. We need to look under the hood and see how your site was built and whether any major work will need to be undertaken before we can look after it properly.

By undertaking an audit first, we will be able to let you know if there is anything that needs to be addressed, or if we have any other concerns. Only with this information will you be able to determine whether a MWA Care Plan is appropriate for your website or not.

This will identify areas of concerns if there are any, it does not include any time to address or rectify these.


This is our website care plan audit – designed to help you understand if any work needs to be undertaken before being onboarded on a MWA Care Plan.