Website animations

Jazz up your website – take a look at the animations below.

Your website should be informative, easy to use and it should lead your website visitors to take action.

That doesn’t mean it has to be plain and boring! And while our designs will provide you with everything your website needs – sometimes it’s nice to add a little something extra.

Below you will find examples of animation that we can add to your website. If you have something else in mind – let’s have a chat!

Click the card to find out more about the effect


Counter effect

Numbers speak for themselves – with our “counter effect”, they can pop out and shout out!

Fade enlarge

Subtle and easy on the eye, let your main message make an entrance your website visitors won’t be able to miss.

Slider effect

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Image+text transition

Lörem ipsum mirepona poskapet i intranade, även om abtet att pode. Dogt dament.


Local support

Forget call centres, support tickets and being on hold. All our project managers are based on the Central Coast, an hour north of Sydney, and available by email or phone for a chat.

Every website project starts with a discovery meeting, and once the project kicks off, you will get regular email updates.

Our project managers are in Australia and ready to take your call
Your website is yours, you can access it all, without the need to come back to a developer - but we are here if you want us!


More spare time to start with.

We take away the stress involved in web design and development.

You will feel 100% supported.

We look after website all the time, so we are quicker, and in the end, it's usually cheaper than making a mistake or not getting around to making updates at all


Have full control if you want.

Once it’s built – take the keys & go for a spin in the code

Actually, we’d recommend against that.

Slider effect

Sliding animation per click

A website that grows with your business.

Add features and functionality, such as a shop or customer portal, when you need them.

MWA gives you a professional website  that will also serve as a solid foundation for future Google Ads or Facebook marketing landing pages.

Your business will evolve, and our websites have the foundations to grow along side your business. Don't plan to start again, get it right the first time with MyWebAdvantage.

At MyWebAdvantage, we include every department in every project.

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