As easy as 1-2-3-GO!

Discovery meeting

We start with what you want to achieve. What are your online goals? We want to understand your business.

We look at what you have now. What can be re-used? We can use your existing photos and text where possible for your new website and guide you towards improved content if needed.

New website presentation

We present your new web design for discussion and refinement. At first, this will be simple sketches and computer generated diagrams, but it will soon transform into something beautiful.

We build it

Our web development team will build your website from scratch. We test it and do everything necessary to open your website to the world. Remember, this will be a uniquely designed, custom-built website, not just an off-the-shelf theme with your logo added.


Once built, we will hand over the keys. Your website will be discoverable and ready for your visitors.

Fast hosting

Your new website will be hosting on our very own server with WP Engine, a dedicated WordPress website hosting provider for a year.

Optional MWA support

After the website launch, you can choose to stay with us through an MWA care plan. We take care of your website with security, plugin and platform updates, so you can take care of business.